Saturday, 20 December 2008

It's Christmas Don't Ya Know...

Yep that time of unruly joy and unblemished hope is upon us once again. To celebrate this most wonderous of times we have put the Honkjazz Christmas special for your good selves to listen to (over on the left) whilst chewing on the left overs or you could listen to it now.... ultimately it's down to you.

On a slightly more allotmenty note the broad beans are well into the ground and preparations for 2009 are moving apace (nothing so far)

So there it is, short and sweet and from all at Honkjazz (Brazil & Herbert) here's to a great Christmas and a Happy new Year (BTW Honkjazz will be doing a New Years Eve Show from 10pm - 12pm so if your not going out then tune in for a rip roaring journey through 2008 with at least 2 tunes from the past year - Check it at