Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Old Business

It's about time to start rescuing some of our old mixes and chucking them about a bit. You'll be able to download them all from this page. Here's one from the mists of time. It's a look at the wonderful Scottish label Fence Records. Enjoy :D

1) The Pictish Trail - I Don't Know Where To Begin
2) King Creosote - Who Did You Kill On The Way Up?
3) Pip Dylan - Withered Tree
4) HMS Ginafore & King Creosote - No Gesture Is Tender Enough
5) The Earlies - Wayward Song
6) The Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz No.5
7) The Pictish Trail - Connected To Light
8) Jon Hopkins - Wire
9) Pip Dylan - Lazy Boy
10) Rich Amino - You Were Always There
11) Rozi Plain - Cherry Tree
12) Romanhead - Overwintering
13) James Yorkston - Surfsong
14) King Creosote - Locked Together
15) wiQwar - Butterfly Man
16) OLO Worms - I Shot The Shrieff (Down The Tiny Steps remix)
17) FOUND - Let Fidelity Break
18) The Aliens - Rox
19) The Beta Band - Squares
20) Lone Pigeon - Boats
21) Clock feat. King Creosote - Hallelujah My Demise
22) HMS Ginafore & King Creosote - Aurora Boring Alias

Sunday, 6 March 2011

honkjazz goes fm on Soundart Radio

Yes that right... last friday we played our first show on soundart radio.

It's a new frontier for us all and a very positive one at that.

The show is here for you to download and have a listen...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

honkjazz on the purple radio...

Have a look here for part 1 of our latest show on purple radio.

We enjoyed it and hope you will too....