Monday, 9 March 2009


By way of thanking Herb/Blunts for posting my Lee 'Scratch' Perry mix in the post below (a big sucess in Oklahoma) I'll return the favor by pointing at his marvellous jazz club mix from the other day.

You can download it here! So go on. Clicky linky. Do it. Now. Thank you. OK. Relax.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

BB Does Kimble...

Over on the right there is the delightful show that BB put together on purple radio a while back - it's all lee scratch perry or linked to the great man. So, get your lug holes round 60 minutes of dubtastic shizzle!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

It happened on a thursday...

The shed now has a worktop. I know that these kind of things don't happen very often but to make sure this event was recorded for future generations i have included a photo...

Much against the honkjazz ethos (!!!???) i had to buy some brackets and fix the worktop with a certain degree of security. I can confirm this will never happen again and want to assure BB in particular that this level of workmanship is very much a one off....
Also the first early seed potatos are on the kitchen table and progressing nicely towards there ultimate fate (planted in the ground)
Until next time....

Monday, 2 March 2009

Stuff To Do

The huge day of progress has really inspired me with ideas for the plot as of late. A glut of seeds have forced my eyes to survey our little scrap of land a bit more carefully if we're going to fit everything in. Last year was a bit of a folly as Herb and I tried to discover whether we could even make things grow and that.
We can.
So this year we can look at things a bit more seriously.
Here are the jobs which need to be done as soon as possible:

1) Dig out a new bed (probably for the brussel sprouts)
2) De-stone and weed the brocolli bed.
3) Extend the borders of any plots that need it.
4) Plant spring greens in any gaps or spaces.
5) Break up the soil in the carrot bed ahead of planting so its all lovely and fine.
6) Dig up the shrub of mystery and extend the fruit bed into the empty space.
7) Establish the herb garden in the Belfast sinks and any other containers we can use.
8) Plant out surplus potatoes in buckets, barrels and boxes to save plot space.
9) Sit down and have a cup of tea.
10) Consider joining the plots together and losing the side-paths in favor of one long pathway down the middle of the two uber plots.

ummmm, thats about it for now :D

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Honkjazz On Purple Radio - Last Wednesday Show Evah!!!

Yep tis true we've played our last show on a wednesday evening (which is over on the right for your listening delictation). Our new slot will be the 2nd saturday of each month which means we return to the virtual airwaves on the 14th March 9pm - 11pm so be sure to tune in.