Friday, 11 January 2008

Welcome One and (hopefully) All. Otherwise it's probably just Herbert. Hello Herbert.

Hello everyone (Herbert).
This is our blog. We intend to use it to talk about and promote music that we like. Songs, albums, gigs, clubs, festivals and the rest of it. Hopefully you'll like the music that we're talking about. You can listen to some of it via the song-link bar or the mix-link bar. Please feel free to let us know what you think. You can be as much a part of this as you want to be. And please read the disclaimer, it IS important.
So who are we? Two young men who live in Devon and like to play records. That's about all that's relevant for now. If you really, really want to know more about us I suppose I could elaborate. I proudly (not very) present the first in a limited list of Things That Herbert & Brazil Have In Common!
1) We both wear glasses.
2) We both have larger-than-average noses (sorry if this is news to you H).
3) Our real names (I know, shock isn't it) share the same initials.

Don't you feel like you know us so much better now?
Happy listening.
Brazil Banks