Friday, 25 April 2008

SpudStep Arrives at the Honkjazz Allotment

Ah tis true, the weather has been playing cruel tricks on the fortunes of the allotment of late. But progress has been steady and lead in the right direction by Brazil (herb - doffs cap).
On a more positive note the kestrel variety of potato has gone into the ground as our 2nd earlie crop. The technical aspect which has been mentioned was applied via the spacing of 10cm between each one. I would like to say this was done by space age measuring techniques but alas it was the power of sight and instinct that won through. This is in no small part down to the fact that the majority of friendly advice that has been given seems to sway toward "put it in the ground and see what happens" but you must remember "regular visits" "close attention" and "if you're not growing whats the point" has enabled me to reach a balance, hence the fact that the seeds were not just thrown on the ground.

So - Kestrel Potatoes are in the ground and beginning the long and winding road towards the dinner plate (we hope)
SpudStep has arrived........

And then there are the onions. Sturon is the variety and they have been lovingly placed with just the tops showing........ I've been reliably informed that this type of onion is a good all rounder and hardy to boot which is great considering this is the first attempt at growing onions or for that matter anything.
Progress is therefore apace despite the efforts of the british weather, although it may not be visible there are things a growing in that there ground...... We'll keep you posted as the seeds meet the ground.

To change topic it is heartwarming to see the local wildlife taking an interest in goings on and i welcome Fat Rob to the proceedings. We can only hope that he and his bird friends are avid allotmenteers and will get into the spirit by lending a wing here and there to the effort.

Back on the veg and the maincrop has been decided upon (drum roll please) it's....... Kind Edward!!
They will go in the ground in the next few weeks.
But thats enough for now.

Also if you fancy some music check out the links to the left and right. I particularly recommend the homecooked tunes (top left)
Otherwise there's shed (couldn't resist) loads of other musically Allotmenty stuff for you and yours........