Saturday, 6 September 2008

I'd Like To Thank My Mom, My Agent, My Cleaner, My Bus Driver.....

When we first took on the plot we just figured it would be a nice bit of a project to give us some free food and that. But the honkjazz allotment has become a massive part of our lives and it represents a whole lot more than just a veg' plot. It arrived at a really important time in my life when I was at a bit of a low and the walls of my flat seemed to be the only sight I'd see of a weekend. So to have a scratch of land to chomble about on has become so vital to me, I can't describe it. But I'll try. Heh.
When you lose love you tend to grab hold of anything that can fill the void that you feel. For me it seemed to be shopping. I bought trainers, antique furniture, graphic novels - anything that might stop me feeling down for a while. And of course none of it worked. I still felt down - just a bit more broke is all.
So to have a piece of earth that I could put all of my heart into became a massively important thing in my life. Its provided a place for me to sit and think and smoke and drink and survey the growing things that we've put in the ground.
We've had some stellar times up on the plot, radio burbling, beers on the go, smokes a plenty. Sometimes I just go to the plot and sit, thinking about the series of events that have led me to this place. Its a good place.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I meant to post a big ol' thank you to all of the people that have helped us make this plot what it is. So a massive honkjazz big up to...

Ian - Thank you for all of the timber, sand and tools. And the burning bin was very cool as well.
Gavin & Lisa - thank you for helping us dig over the first two beds, laying the pathway (top work G-Spot!) and for generally being ace.
Rebecca - Thank you for standing in the rain helping me to hoik out carrots and spuds and onions. Star!
Gentle Ben - Thank you for the timber and especially the little fencing that we've used around the raspberry bed.
Harry & Sue - Thank you for the massive amounts of pig poo that have helped our vegetables grow so strong. And also for the paving slabs that helped make our Useless Patio!
Poppa - Thank you my love for the swede plants, the rosemary bush, the advice, the love and the support. My endless thanks are for you. x
Jute & Lex - For turning me onto purple broccoli. Goddamn! that's good sh*t. Much love.
My agent.
My manager.
Our fans - couldn't have done it without you.
Phil - My brother in the folly.

So thank you all. We love you so much and hope to be eating lovely foods with you at the nearest opportunity.


Jute said...

So far we have :-
Apples - lots of em, mostly eaters.
Pears - a tree full.
Spinach - all eaten and bolted, must plant more.
Radish - all eaten, by slugs.
Beetroot - small but growing.
Runner beans - brilliant and still coming.
French beans - bountiful and grown through the runners.
Butternut squash - covered a whole bed, lots of fruit all as big as my thumb!
Garlic - planted from a bulb, we'll see.
Onions - not too bad but started in a trug so disadvantaged at birth.
Raspberries - thousands upon thousands.
Potatoes - hmmm, I think they were s'posed to be earlies but ended up the size of a house.
Cabbages - Eaten alive by cabbage white caterpillars.
Purple sprouting broccoli - as abouve but growing regardless. Bring on the frosts.
Asparagus - new from seed and in it for the long run.
Artichoke - big heathy plants but a bit young yet.
Tomatoes - beef better than cherry.
Cucumber - disappointing.
Chillies - coming on nicely.
Egg plant - 6 good sized ones per plant. Brilliant.
Courgette - good steady supply and a yellow one that grew into a marrow.