Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Note Of Progress To Come

Very quickly i want you to all know the following:

1) A plan for the winter is in place
2) seeds have been ordered
3) Some seeds aren't available and alternatives will have to be sort
4) Things will be be built to protect out fledglings through the winter
5) A shed will be in place by christmas (no really)
6) Honkjazz now broadcasts on Purple Radio check it -
7 The seeds that are available have arrived
8) winter onions are in the ground

To sum up the plot looks great and it feels great...

A more deatailed report to follow.....
Stay Tuned


Mr Maloot said...

I need suggestions for winter crops!
What are you planting?

Beetroot are in but need thinning.
Radishes (Mk2) are doing OK but the slugs are still a problem.

Still have some leeks in and going well.
Onion sets are in - about 60 of 'em.
Bean plants going on compost this weekend.
I've got to trim the asparagus fronds.
Butternut squash yielded 4 good ones in the end having taken over the whole bed.
Tomatoes just finishing after a bumper crop.
Aubergine plants are nearly done but have given us 10 great fruits (veg?) from just two plants.

Herbert Westchester & Brazil Banks said...

Heyuppah Jute.
H has sorted out some seeds but I'm not entirely sure what. We've got five empty beds now. I think there's winter cabbage going in one, more Japanese onions (to add to the existing full bed) going into another and once the last of the runners have gone to seed we'll be filling that bed with broad beans. There are some varieties of winter lettuce but we couldn't get hold of any so we'll be trying again at the garden centre. So can we have your suggestions please?