Tuesday, 27 January 2009


So yesterday was the first birthday of the Honkjazz Allotment. One year old. And how did we celebrate this mammoth landmark? We spent the weekend collecting, repairing and putting up a shed, thats how! S'right, after harping on about getting a shed all year we finally made the big jump and pushed on out there. "Out there" being the end of the village high street and "big jump" being collected for free. I'll ask Snip to get down there this week with a camera because I know you're all gasping to see this wonder of the world. She did take a photo of the team on completion of the shedness so maybe Herb will put that up soon to mark the occasion. Massive thanks to the amazing Mr Simon. His energy, common sense, uncommon sense and ability to curse were limitless and we owe him a lot of beers for his brilliant efforts.
And I got to ride in the back of a van!!!! (squeee)
So, photographs pending.
This really heralds the new year in well for us. I'll put together a post listing the truimphs and failures, lessons learned, star buys, tastiest treats, etc. Like the Oscars but with all of the back-stage drama, tears and tantrums thrown in. And onions. Lots of onions (perhaps thats why they all cry so much?).
We can also reveal our masterplan for the year and let me tell you its a ripsnorterbanger. The tension is palpabale!!
So lots to come in the next couple of weeks. And don't forget the radio show. We'll be starting an Allotment Tune Of The Month section and I might play a couple of my own tracks as well. Linky is on this page somewhere, not sure where.
Laters potaters.


Jute said...

Loving the shed of dread.