Monday, 11 February 2008

honkjazz - The Allotment! - Part 6

Well Brazil ole buddy ole pal you've made a hell of a start in this here blog. Here's to the Honkjazz Musical Allotment. hurrah!!!

In a land far far away from the allotment (about 10 miles actually) I can confirm that the the Limes Court scavenger hunt is well under way. We have secured the following:
- Large bag of gravel
- One door with no glass
- One door with glass
- Some bricks
- Some wood (when they decide what they want and what they want to try and re use)

You see I (Herbert) live next door to a renevation project with my better (only slightly) other half. Well that is to be quite liberal with the truth (it's been the same for years) ("I love the way that the bit about it being like that for years could either apply to the building site next door or to your other half being better than you." - BB). However this has proven in the last few days to be a blessing following a nice chat on Friday that revealed there is a lot of worthy material that is going to the first person clever enough (stupid?) to take it away.
There are definite benefits to this situation not withstanding the banging from next door which is giving me a serious headache. 1) There is going to be a lot of this material 2) We've got ages to move it!

On a different note i do have some input regarding the following:
Freecycle - Some nice people (a whole lot of shitbull from others)
Old Bill - I've only spoken to him once but it made me put down the shovel and pick up a fork
Friends getting involved - FANTASTIC AND NO MISTAKE!

As indicated my involvement at base camp honkjazz has been limited due to a mystery illness that doctors around the world are defying scientific boundaries to understand (a bad back) so i'm doing my level best to offer any support from afar.
Well BB i look forward to the new photos. I'm off to look at some bits of wood i can't lift.