Monday, 18 February 2008

In Other News

Having just returned from a weekend with the folks I thought I'd let you know what other things have been donated/stolen/built-from-blood-and-steel-and-tears-and-fire/bought so here goes:

- Papa has made some delightful vegetable-name signs to go in the plots. I'm well chuffed with these.
- He's also built a fab old fashioned tool carrying box.
- My darling sister has donated a huge sack of chicken manure.
- My good friend K met me at the stables where she teaches the horse-riding and let me walk away with four giant sacks of super-well-rotted horse manure. This stuff is great!
- Mater & Pater have kindly donated a rosemary bush (which will help protect the carrots) and some chive plants.
- Herbert has scouted out three more bags of hardcore for the shed base.
- My boss is offering up some breeze-blocks, bags of sand and paving slabs.
- Father also gave me a great long-handled three prong "grubber" (which as a child I was fascinated with and, rather sensibly, kept well away from)

I've also picked up the last of my tools from my sisters place and am all ready for some hard graft this weekend. I really want to get the shed base finished so when we get STITCHED UP AGAIN on freecycle we'll be able to gaze longingly at the spot where the shed should be. Seriously, that's four times we've been done out of stuff on freecycle for no apparent reason (two poly-tunnels and two sheds). I don't know what the deal is. I'm over it. Whatever.

I'd also like to thank Griff for the wonderful photographs and all of the hard work. The meandering pathway is perfect and you're welcome anytime. Likewise Lisa Woodmouse. The best friend those worms ever had. Top weeding!

Also, nice to see Herbert's words. Wordberts. Yes, that's what they are. Nice to have the wordberts at long last.

And finally some photographs that didn't make it into the last post. A bit like a blooper reel. And yes, you can read the captions in the style of Dennis Norden on 'It'll Be Alright On The Allotment Site Vol' 18'.

I become a tramp. Like properly.

Gavana Trump tries to levitate a wheelbarrow using only the power of his mind.

Grublet looks like she's contemplating the best way to defeat the Glastonbury security fence. And if the Glastonbury security fence is only that big then either they've misjudged their whole operation or she is a giant. You decide.

Seriously though, you've come onsite, flouted the strict khaki & beige dress-code and worn "boots" like these!!!

Instead of these. I'm probably just jealous.

Man urinates into van (possibly his own). And he was parked like 20ft away from the public toilets as well.

The view from my flat at the end of the day.

Thank you and goodnight.