Friday, 21 March 2008

Finally Some Music! (albeit our own - heh heh, like you expect any more.)

So we'd like to remind you that this blog DOES have a dual purpose.
1) To tell the grand and fantastic adventure of the honkjazz allotment.
(What a tale it is! You'll never believe what happens in season 3.)
2) To talk about music.
We decided to change the musical side of it. As our regular readers (Herbert) will have noticed (helped design) we used to have a single track player over on the left there. At the top. That's it. It featured songs from people that we really like. But we had always felt that it was a bit sneakish providing links (double clicking the song) to a free download of it. We did try to disable the downloadability of the songs to no avail. We weren't trying to scam them with shonky downloads c'est la vie Hooky Street. We want the artists to be supported by any of you who are decent enough to listen to them. There was even a really cool disclaimer about how we're not trying to scam them and how you should all buy their music from the little record company that released it in the first place. It was easily the most legal sounding thing I've ever seen and it was totally awesome.
But we always felt a bit snide about it.
So it's gone, along with the stupid disclaimer that was a load of rubbish anyways.
And in it's place is a player with some music that I helped make. I hope you like it.
And we've put some new weblink lists up. There's a festivals one, a record company one and an artist one. Please have a look. If you have an open mind toward music you won't be disappointed.
(you may be disappointed)

Anyways, I was going to go into each song, giving a detailed description of the instruments used, the location of recording, the ideas, the bloopers, etc.
But that really would be a step too far.

Over on the other side there is the player that's got some of Herbert's DJ mixes. He's actually more of a selector but that's another thing for another day. The mixes are downloadable and are, if I may say, quite flippin' brilliant. He'll describe them better himself but it's basically some of the fattest funk and soul you could ever want to dance to. There's also a nice sprinkling of electro, house, breaks, latin and all of the other things that are quite flippin' brilliant. Top marks H.
So go and get them.
Hopefully this will give us a musical kick up the ass. And lets face it, if you're going to get a kick in the ass it might as well be a musical one.
Coming soon:
- mixes galore I tell you, mixes galore.
- the worlds first allotment DJ mix!! Featuring record companies such as Compost, Fence, Woodland and Worm Interface. I'm not even kidding. Perhaps it could be debuted at a small private dance party onsite with food and a bonfire (gots to love them bonfires) and whatnot. I'm sure we can rig a lead long enough to power it from my flat down the road.
That's a ridiculous idea and it will never happen.
Will it.

- a feature on a fantastic unsigned band each week or month or year or whatever.
- me going to go into each song, giving a detailed description of the instruments used, the location of recording, the ideas, the bloopers, etc.
- some reviews of gigs or festivals or something. No idea really. It might well take the form of reviewing a greasy that did us a nice fry up one time. I can't say right now. That's quite a good idea actually. Branch out into culinary critique. Herb?
So I hope you all get you listening ears on for this stuff. (Good lord, that was almost as bad as the whole "never look a gifthorses mouth in the ass" thing. Jeez.) And remember, if it's written in white digi-ink (or whatever the hell it's called) then it's a link to a site or something. Go clicky.


(oh yeah - the allotment. Last weekend was rained off and this weekend I have my sister and a brood of supersonic children coming to stay. If I can buy enough Dr. Pepper I might get them all buzzed up and set to work on the weeding. Could clear the whole site. Anyway, a few things have been going on involving free gifts, freecycle, free love, De La Soul and paving slabs.
Which is nice.)