Monday, 31 March 2008

Herb Your Enthusiasm (May Just Save The Day)

As you can probably tell this entire postette is just a flimsy excuse to crowbar in the even flimsier headline.
So the roles seem to be settling in now. Whilst H hasn't been able to help out with the heavy lifting, digging, etc he's been quietly getting his head around all of the details which can befuddle me at the best of times. I had a carefree ideal of just chucking seeds in the ground at roughly the right time of year and that was it. My motto was "Bung stuff in the ground and see what shape it comes out". But as Herbet rightly points out, if you don't go about it properly, it most probably won't. Whilst I'm in my element in the role of allotment dealer ("Pallets? You want pallets? I'll get you some pallets mate. You want the sh*t? I'll sort you out, man. What d'you want, man? Pig, cow, horse? Give me your sacks and meet me back here in......") if it were all left to me we'd just have a quaint plot and everyone would refer to me as 'The Sh*t Man' (a title which has been used before of course - I'm looking in your direction Chris French)
So I'm more than happy driving around and filling the car (Batillac) with the excrement of various animals, dragging paving slabs back and forth and back again, digging, enjoying the company of Belfast sinks and all the rest of it. And to compliment this Herbert has been getting his nose into the books and listening to some old skool knowledge ensuring that we actually get something out of it that we can eat.
So that makes me Karate to his Batfink.
And I am totally cool with that.
Increase The Peace
(ps - Is it too obvious that H and I are simply using this blog to save money on text messages? It is isn't it?)