Monday, 24 March 2008

From Vinyl Archiving to Carrots on the Windowsill....

Ahoy Hoy.... Tales a plenty from The Herb currently laid up in the Limes Court recovering compound (Home).
Great to see the land has been re laid with a new look and may I say for the better.

I agree that the disclaimer was very good (not legal) but it didn't and never would overcome the nagging feeling that something was amiss.

On the brighter side of lighting this has opened a brave new world of reviews, raves and general rants about all things allotmenty and musically ( I can finally tell you about the first gig I went to and how great (crap) it was to see Gene at the cavern in all their Olympic glory, well it is the year for it).
("do you mean that you're going to rant in a musical fashion?" - BB)

Before I progress I would first like to save a few thanks (Brazil you know who you are...)
- The allotment looks sodding (gardening pun) fantastic
- The Blog now has a maturity that I hope any children I bear will show in such a small amount of time
- The original music that has appeared on the page is quite lovely

Now anyone reading this (Brazil) will be thinking that we are simply back slapping each other via the medium of blogging. This is quite untrue and factually incorrect. The sentiment is genuine and if you don't agree let us know and we can waffle for hours about a completely unrelated subject.
("nice use of the word 'waffle' there" - BB)

And now the title of this post becomes clear.

I have over the last months and years been slowly but surely archiving Brazil's rather eclectic vinyl collection. This has been possible as
a) I was given a USB turntable thingy for Xmas two years ago and
b) Brazil left a large selection of vinyl at my abode.
This couple with my prolonged lay off (more about that later) has enabled me to get my teeth into the records and archive away. I think the highlight has been coming a cross the original version of "there but for the grace of god". This was a great house tune in it's day before remixing became a lazy afterthought.
("I have no idea what record he's talking about - seems I have better taste than I thought, who knew?" - BB)
As for my prolonged lay off I can only hope that the professionals at the Hamburg Observatory for modern art may finally have found the cure.
On a more carrotty subject I've started the carrots in a little tray on the windowsill. I fear that I have not given them the best start (far too much water) but hope that by sheer will alone that they will flourish and be gracing a dinnertime in the coming months (compost at best)
In potato news we have now decided on the two types that will provide the highlight of this years potato growing schedule. I will however have to update when they arrive as I have no recollection of what we have gone for. I am sure that they will provide much potato goodness in the future.

Which leads me nicely into the mixes of the future. Tis true that an allotment based mix is in the pipeline. It is a very long pipeline so please be patient and you will get you rewards (maybe)
("Some acts confirmed so far include King Creosote, Dirty Diggers, Beanfield, Cabbageboy and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds" - BB)
I will endeavor in the coming days to provide another mix of which could well be the greatest compilation of tuneage ever laid into digital form.
It will be tunes I like and own.
Either way they are for you to enjoy and maybe even move the furniture to create a little dancefloor.

Peace out from Herb the Selector.